1. Deploy your Flask or Django app to AWS Lambda with Zappa

    An introduction to serverless deployments on AWS + Lambda + API Gateway, with Flask or Django, and Zappa

    2017Pycon Canada (Montreal)

  2. Intro to Highly Available web apps on AWS

    An app-platform-agnostic overview of building applications that can withstand whole data center failures without going down, with a focus on Amazon Web Services EC2 and related infrastructure

    2017 – Confoo (Montreal)

  3. Advanced Virtualmachining with Vagrant

    Advanced virtual machine management for teams, with Vagrant, including: basic VM-to-production philosophy, bootstrapping for everyone, managed Vagrantfile, tricks for multiple VMs, caching, packaging, and other Vagrant tips

    2017 – Confoo (Montreal)

  4. Inspect HTTP(S) with Your Own Man-in-the-Middle Non-Attacks

    How MitM attacks work, using a proxy to intercept, certificate authority trust chains, Charles and mitmproxy

    2015 – ConFoo (Montréal)

  5. An Introduction to Amazon Web Services

    A high level overview of Amazon Web Services (AWS), with a focus on EC2, and other parts specifically relevant to deploying web apps

    2015 – ConFoo (Montréal)

    2014 – True North PHP (Toronto)

    2014 – Madison PHP (Madison, WI)

  6. Distributed Teams, Distributed Tools, Distributed Apps (Opening Keynote)

    A fun talk about how we manage our distributed/remote team, some of the tools we use to do so, and how some of those principles allow us to build distributed apps

    2013 – True North PHP (Toronto)

  7. Measure everything with statsd and graphite

    An introduction to realtime monitoring, aggregation, and graphing, for web apps

    2013 – ConFoo (Montréal)

  8. Virtualize your development

    Building virtual development environments with Vagrant, OpenVPN, and more

    2012 – ConFoo (Montréal)

  9. Fifty tips, tricks and tools in one talk

    A rapid-fire overview of 50 tools and tricks I use all the time

    2011 – ConFoo (Montréal)

  10. Webshell: smart, scripted HTTP

    An overview and spcific examples of how to use Webshell

    2011 – ConFoo (Montréal)

  11. Interfacing with Twitter

    An introduction to Twitter’s rich API, and a primer on how to interact with it, in PHP

    2010 – ConFoo (Montréal)

  12. Undercover PHP

    Supporting PHP with non-web tools such as cron, gearman, and supervisord

    2010 – ConFoo (Montréal)

  13. PHP: The Good Parts

    a tutorial on our favourite parts of PHP (with Chris Shiflett)

    2009 Jul – OSCON (San Jose, California)

  14. Out with Regex, In with Tokens

    An introduction to lexing and using tokens in PHP

    2009 – php|tek (Chicago)

    2009 – Code Works (Atlanta)

    2009 – Code Works (Miami)

    2009 – Code Works (Washington D.C.)

    2009 – Code Works (Brooklyn)

  15. Stupid Browser Tricks

    Working with Firebug and Selenium IDE

    2009 – PHP Québec (conference, Montréal)

    2009 – Code Works (Atlanta)

    2009 – Code Works (Miami)

    2009 – Code Works (Washington D.C.)

    2009 – Code Works (Brooklyn)

  16. PHP Phone Home

    VOIP integration with PHP via Asterisk

    2007 – Vancouver PHP Conference

    2007 – PHP Québec (meeting, Montréal)


  1. Zappa: Capture Asynchronous Task Results

    2017 – Official Zappa Blog

  2. Beer: Also Magical and Revolutionary

    2010 – Webstyle Magazine

  3. Dæmonize Your PHP

    2009 – PHP Advent

  4. 10 Advanced PHP Tips Revisited

    2009 – Smashing Magazine

  5. exit(0): Digital Rights Madness

    2008 – php|architect

  6. exit(0): You Need Us As Much As We Need You

    2008 – php|architect

  7. exit(0): [WU]TF

    2008 – php|architect

  8. Late Static Binding: a practical example

    2008 – C7Y

  9. exit(0): Coding Used To Be So Much Fun

    2008 – php|architect

  10. Hacking mail()

    2007 – PHP Advent

  11. Arduino Beer Thermostat

    2007 – uC Hobby

  12. /etc: RRDTool

    2007 – php|architect

  13. /etc: Tunneling

    2007 – php|architect

  14. PHP Phone Home

    2006 – php|architect

  15. Writing Custom Session Handlers

    2004 – php|architect


  1. PHP Roundtable

    (podcast; guest)

    2016 – A discussion with Andrei, Derrick, Sammy, Sara, and myself, on "What happened to PHP 6?"

  2. PHP Web Services: APIs for the Modern Web

    (book; tech edit)

    2014 – Technical review of this full book by Lorna Jane Mitchell

  3. Smashing Book #4 – New Perspectives on Web Design

    (book; tech edit)

    2013 – Technical review of Paul Tero's chapter Obscure Back-end Techniques and Terminal Secrets

  4. Basic Brewing Radio

    (podcast; guest)

    2012 – An interview with James Spencer about my Berliner Weiße process.

  5. JavaScript for PHP Developers

    (book; tech edit)

    2012 – Technical review (with Chris Shiflett) of this full book by Stoyan Stefanov

  6. Voices of the Elephpant

    (podcast; guest)

    2011 – Interview (with Cal Evans)

  7. Pique Web

    (podcast; co-host)

    2010 to 2011Paul Reinheimer podcasted on things that interested us, usually with a web-specific topic and one or more guests

  8. PHP Advent / Web Advent

    (web magazine; co-Editor-in-Chief)

    2009 to 2013 – an annual, 24 issue, year-end web magazine with Chris Shiflett

  9. Certified BJCP beer judge (E0817)

    (steward, judge, BOS judge)

    2008 to 2015

  10. Interview

    (podcast; guest)

    2007 – Zend Developer Zone (with Cal Evans)

  11. P3 / Pro::PHP Podcast

    (podcast; co-host)

    2006 to 2007 – a PHP-focused podcast I ran with the fine folks at PHP Architect

  12. PHP Architect

    (magazine; Editor-in-Chief)

    2005 to 2007

  13. PHP Manual

    (named contributor)

    2002 to ~2010